About the China Greentech Initiative

The China Greentech Initiative is the only collaboration platform that develops and connects strategic insights on China’s greentech markets with an expert community of over 100 companies and governments. As a neutral third party, we accelerate the market by integrating expertise from different nations and municipalities, industries and ecosystems, as well as across stakeholder roles. China Greentech’s trusted position enables us to produce the most reliable and holistic analysis to inform business decisions around the China opportunity and to facilitate collaboration.
Our vision is to help companies increase their profitability while advancing China’s cities and zones toward greener, smarter and more productive development.

The China Greentech Initiative accelerates the commercial success of organizations through the following offerings:

  • The Partner Program. This annual fee based program combines a network of leading commercial Partners and expert Advisors with strategic research to deliver value to participants.
  • China Greentech Strategic Partnership. This is an exclusive group of companies that came together with shared goals of pursuing commercial opportunities, overcoming market obstacles, influencing policy and promoting successes within China’s urban and industrial transformation.
  • Advisory Services. These are cross-sector and industry specific collaborations and custom Advisory Services for Partners.