The China Greentech Executive Briefs
Visions and Roadmaps for Supporting China’s Achievement of Greentech-Related Targets


Under the guidance of the China Greentech Council, a select group of Chinese and international senior executives and government advisors, the China Greentech Initiative along with members of our Game Changer Partner Program embarked on an ambitious journey to support the achievement of China’s greentech-related targets, particularly those described in China’s 12th Five-Year Plan. We formed five Working Groups to focus on the below topics, resulting in a vision and roadmap to support China’s achievement of its greentech-related targets, overcome roadblocks and jointly pursue commercial opportunities. In these five areas we hope to share and promote a way forward for the healthy development of China's greentech markets and benefits to both China's environment and its people.

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Built Environment
Vision and Roadmap to Meet China's Goals for the Built Environment
Accelerating results through integrated, replicable and measurable green building solutions.

Electric Vehicles
Vision and Roadmap to Meet China's Electric Vehicle Goals
Driving success through natural market demand and an enabling environment.

Low Carbon Eco-Cities
Vision and Roadmap to Realize China's Plans for Low Carbon Eco-Cities
Integrated and localized approaches for urban development to achieve economic and environmental benefits.

Next Generation Energy Value Chain
Vision and Roadmap to Meet China's Goals For a Clean Energy Future
Promoting collaboration along energy value chains to accelerate deployment of cleaner technologies and enhance energy efficiency.

Vision and Roadmap to Realize China's Environmental Sustainability Goals
Corporate sustainability strategies to drive long-term business performance and China's green growth.

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