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September 19, 2009

China speeds up along the path of green tech

DALIAN // It would be easy to view the electric vehicles used to take delegates to the World Economic Forum in Dalian, China earlier this month as a gimmick.

A sceptic might see the deployment of hybrid buses and plug-in cars as a cynical attempt to portray the country as a green pioneer even as it gorges on cheap coal, grabs resources across Africa and rebuts limits on greenhouse gas emissions. But the truth is that China is probably moving faster than any other major economy to tackle the combined problems of energy scarcity, atmospheric pollution and climate change.

The buses ferrying the forum’s influential participants were actually the first of 1,500 such vehicles to be deployed across Dalian, one of 13 cities participating in a pilot electric car programme. The programme is just a small piece of a broad-based government strategy of investments and subsidies to promote low-carbon growth in the world’s most populous nation, which is firing up two new coal power stations every week to keep up with its energy needs. Read more


September 15, 2009

US and China announce US$1tr for low-carbon technologies by 2013

The Chinese low-carbon technologies market could reach $1 Trillion and 15% of its GDP in 2013, reports Envido. The China Greentech Initiative, a group of more than 80 private and public stakeholders from the US and China, released a report outlining opportunities to grow China’s low-carbon technologies market. The report states that the Chinese low-carbon technologies market could reach $1 trillion and 15% of China’s GDP in 2013, and identifies more than 300 Low-carbon technology solutions across seven sectors. It says the private sector can also play a large part in driving the Low-carbon technology sector, but only if the underlying low-carbon policy framework makes for an attractive business case.

This low-carbon report comes three months before the UN meeting in Copenhagen, where the world's leaders will try to reach an agreement on measures to tackle climate change and succeed the Kyoto Protocol. Read more


September 14, 2009

Solar Energy’s Future Shines Brightest in China

With the announcement that it intends to build the world’s largest solar power plant, China is rapidly evolving into the world’s largest market for solar energy. And with heavy government backing, Chinese solar companies are quickly becoming global leaders.

Fast-growing industry and a reliance on coal-fired power plants turned China into the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gas a few years ago. Clouds of smog far thicker than that of Los Angeles hang over many of its cities and much of the water is densely polluted. But that’s something the central government aims to change. Read more


September 14, 2009

Potentialul comercial al schimbarilor climatice, in mana marilor puteri: Tehnologiile ecologice, solutia cresterii economice, spun China si SUA

Aproximativ 1.300 de participanti s-au reunit la finalul acestei saptamani in nord-estul Chinei, la Forumul economic mondial "Davos de vara". Tema principala a discutiilor: stimularea cresterii economice, avand in vedere persistenta dezechilibrelor in cele doua mari puteri - SUA si China, transmite AFP. Iar una dintre solutiile evidentiate in cadrul summitului a fost "potentialul comercial al schimbarilor climatice".

"Economia verde", noile tehnologii, posturi si locuri de munca ce ar putea fi create in acest domeniu, investitiile pe care le-ar putea atrage - au fost principalul subiect de dezbatere. Potrivit unui raport al "China Greentech Initiative", publicat in timpul summitului, la initiativa a 80 de companii de servicii si din tehnologie, numai in China "marimea potentialei piete de solutii tehnologice ecologice ar putea ajunge intre 500 si 1.000 de miliarde de dolari pe an", adica aproximativ "15% din produsul intern brut estimat in China in 2013". Read more


September 14, 2009

P"Davos d'été" en Chine: les entreprises lorgnent le marché du vert

Un an après l'entrée dans la crise financière, le "Davos d'été" tenu en Chine a été à la peine pour définir les voies d'une solide sortie du tunnel, mais a dessiné un avenir où environnement rime avec business.
Les quelque 1.300 participants réunis de jeudi à samedi par le Forum économique mondial dans cette ville du Nord-Est, sur le thème de "la relance de la croissance", en ont souvent été réduits à constater la persistance des déséquilibres, notamment ceux des deux puissances sur lesquelles se focalisent l'attention: Etats-Unis et Chine.Read more


September 10, 2009

The China Greentech Report 2009 launch at Dalian

The China Greentech Report 2009, the first deliverable of the initiative, provides cross-sectoral analysis of the market and environmental issues facing China, the country’s regulatory response, the available technical solutions that can be used to address these issues and key development challenges and opportunities to accelerate Greentech market growth. The Report focuses on 7 key sectors: renewable energy, cleaner conventional energy, electric power, infrastructure, alternative transportation, cleaner industry, green buildings, and clean water.

“One of the most interesting findings is that china will not just be one of the world’s largest consumers of greentech, but also a key exporter and potentially innovator of these solutions,” says Randall Hancock, CEO and President of MangoStrategy, LLC.

The China Greentech Report 2009 will officially be released at the World Economic Forum china talks in Dalian on September 10, 2009. a simultaneous launch will be held by Amcham Shanghai and PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Shanghai. The Report will be published online and will be available free of charge. Read more


September 10, 2009

China: mercado potencial para las tecnologías verdes del futuro

China podría representar un mercado de 500.000 millones a un billón (correcto) de dólares por año para las "tecnologías verdes" sostenibles, afirma un grupo de expertos y empresarios en un informe difundido el jueves que insta a los gobiernos a facilitar e

China podría representar un mercado de 500.000 millones a un billón (correcto) de dólares por año para las "tecnologías verdes" sostenibles, afirma un grupo de expertos y empresarios en un informe difundido el jueves que insta a los gobiernos a facilitar el camino hacia dichas tecnologías.

El informe de China Greentech Initiative, un grupo de más de 80 prominentes compañías de tecnología avanzada, organizaciones no gubernamentales y asesores políticos, precisaron las oportunidades que ofrecen 300 posibles opciones de tecnología verde en China que abarcan energía, agua, edificios, transporte e industria. Read more


September 10, 2009

1.000 milliards de dollars…

Dévoilé hier sur le site "COP15-Copenhagen", les principaux traits d’un rapport de China Greentech Initiative, groupe de plus de 80 entreprises de la nouvelle économie, ONG et conseillers politiques, ont recensé un potentiel de 300 technologies vertes pour la Chine, dans les énergies, l’eau, la construction, les transports et l’industrie.
En termes financiers, ces projets représentent un potentiel compris entre 500 et 1.000 milliards de dollars.

Au même moment, une étude de l’Agence internationale US de l’énergie prévoit qu’une hausse des températures moyennes de 2 degrés coûterait, pour les 20 prochaines années, 9.000 milliards de dollars.Read more


September 7, 2009

Greentech: Call to Action conference

'Greentech: A Call to Action' is a platform for policy makers, leading technology companies, entrepreneurs, investors and NGOs to collaborate and accelerate Greentech opportunities in China and the US. This event is the next step in a journey started by leading organizations that have consolidated their efforts to create a sustainable environment, effect change and create participant and sponsor value.

Our platform is unique. It is built upon both the unbiased market analysis provided by the China Greentech Initiative (CGTI) and unprecedented bi-lateral cooperative programs developed by the US-China Clean Energy Forum. We are proud to announce that CGTI's first deliverable, The China Greentech Report, a definitive, actionable market roadmap for commercializing Greentech opportunities in China, will launch immediately following this event.

With an expected audience of 300+ attendees over two content-packed days, this 'Call to Action' provides an opportunity for participants to not only engage 100 global thought leaders and senior government officials in professionally moderated conversations, but also to shape action-oriented programs during our exclusive Catalyst Sessions facilitated by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

So please join us for a groundbreaking gathering of leaders committed to action at Shanghai's phenomenal World Financial Center on 7-8 September 2009. Read more