The Partner Program

Founded in 2008, the CGTI Partner Program brings together 500 senior decision makers coming from 100+ commercial and policy organizations. Partnering organizations include technology buyers and sellers, service providers, investors and policy makers. Enabled by CGTI’s strategic research, ecosystem development, partner services, online services and market promotion, Partners (the participants) in CGTI’s Partner Program have enhanced abilities to identify emerging market opportunities, develop partnerships, and educate their stakeholders and the market.

Through participation over multiple years, the Partners of the China Greentech Initiative have enjoyed commercial success. Large multi-national corporations and Chinese solution providers have partnered to develop patents and commercialize new solutions. Investors and start-ups have partnered to invest and make money together. Solution sellers and adopters have partnered to deploy greentech solutions resulting in energy efficiency benefits and carbon intensity reduction.

Benefits enjoyed by all CGTI Partner Program participants include:

Proprietary Market Insights

Throughout the year, CGTI produces consulting-style Opportunity Assessments that are based on a combination of CGTI’s strategic research capabilities and insights developed hand-in-hand with the CGTI community. Weekly Market Updates inform our Partners about the critical developments impacting China’s greentech markets via ongoing summaries of market, regulatory, and technological developments across CGTI’s areas of research.

Meaningful Relationships

CGTI conducts formal Working Sessions throughout the year, each bringing together 40-60 commercial and policy stakeholders around specific opportunity areas. The Working Sessions enable CGTI and its Partners to create meaningful relationships, frame and prioritize issues, review and validate market findings, and develop insights beyond what any one organization could do on its own. In 2013, CGTI passed the milestone of hosting its 75th Working Session supporting an aggregate community of thousands of experts.

Thought Leadership and Market Education

CGTI produces The China Greentech Report and other publications that co-brand Partner organizations and educate market stakeholders on key findings. The China Greentech Report is the must-read primer on China’s greentech markets, produced annually and distributed free of charge.. The Report educates stakeholders across multiple sectors about the state of China’s greentech markets, opportunities for accelerating market growth, and the role and importance of collaboration. Over the years, the trusted voice of the China Greentech Initiative has been recognized in significant Chinese and international, summits and reports including the World Economic Forum in Dalian, the US-China Summit held at the Diaoyutai State Guest House in Beijing, The National Bureau of Research’s Asia-Pacific Energy Summit in Tokyo, the Annual Summit of Green Companies in Qingdao, and the World Bank China 2030 Report. CGTI data is also cited regularly by respected media including the Wall Street Journal (both the Chinese and English editions), China Youth Daily, China Daily, New Energy magazine, and The Economist amongst others. As well, The China Greentech Initiative is regularly asked to brief senior government officials from China, Europe, United States, Japan and other nations.