China Greentech Strategic Partnership

The China Greentech Strategic Partnership is an exclusive group of companies with shared goals and complementary solutions and capabilities. They came together in early 2013 with the goals of pursuing commercial opportunities, overcoming market obstacles, influencing policy and promoting successes within China’s urban and industrial transformation.

What is the group's mission?

The group’s mission is to work together to advance China’s cities and zones to become greener, smarter and more productive.

  • Greener
    Adopt cleaner energy sources, technologies and processes to reduce harmful emissions.
  • Smarter
    Leverage IT, big data and analytics to make informed decisions about resource use and management.
  • More productive
    Optimize assets and operations to increase efficiency, foster innovation and improve performance

Why did they form their partnership?

The Strategic Partners came together to address a shared set of challenges and market conditions.
In their words:

  • "We are focused on China's challenging issues. Not a take-out strategy, but a give-back strategy. We need to solve problems as a trusted partner of China.”

  • "Understanding which Chinese cities and zones to pursue and how to support them is the billion dollar question. Everyone has fallen into poorly qualified projects. If we can use the China Greentech community to validate these, we can reduce our cost and risk.”

  • "Every MNC is struggling with the business model for how to partner with China in this phase of growth. The easy money is gone. When we get the business model right for MNCs and Chinese companies working together, we can help each other grow significantly in China and abroad."